Personalized Painting Workshops

Are you looking for a painting session other than the workshops that I offer? 

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss what you need.  Session cost is dependent on what you are looking for and duration. The longer the duration, the lower the hourly cost.  I offer painting lessons for adults and children starting at age 12.

One-on-one session or recurring:  $65/hour,  less for multiple hours or 8 recurring sessions spread over a period of time. For example, 8 hours package can be divided into two hours each month for four months. The style of painting can be abstract or contemporary. It's your choice.  Painting Materials, acrylic and other mediums) will be provided. You bring your own canvas. We cover techniques such as colors, composition, mark making, texture, etc.

- Paint with your friends (groups of 4-6), session cost is dependent on the number of people and duration. Painting Materials, acrylic and other mediums), 16x20" canvas, and light snack will be provided. You choose your theme. 3 hour sessions are about $135 per person.

- Recurring session for children 8 and up:  $45/hour/weekly, 4 weeks minimum. Art is an important curriculum that is missing in many schools. It expands the imagination and encourages exploration. Kids will learn techniques but more importantly fall in love with art. They learn to notice and appreciate beauty.