Painting Material

My workshops inspire you to continue painting on your own. Here is a quick reference for materials that you may want to purchase to continue painting. 

My number one advice before you purchase art material is to create a space for your creative time so that it is always reachable. It can be a table in the corner of your kitchen. Try to paint few times a week, at least for 15 minutes, using the techniques that you learned in the workshop. No expectations, no judgement, just explore and have fun painting.

What to paint on? Canvas, birch panel, canvas board, watercolor paper

Acrylic paints:

1. I like Nova Color Paints. It is highly pigmented and rightly priced. 

2. Amsterdam acrylic paint is another favorite of mine. I like the vibrancy of this paint.

3. Liquitex offers student grade that is more liquid or heavy body for professional artists. Good pigmentation, reasonable price. 

4. All others. There are too many good ones to list. It all depends on how serious you are and your budget. Golden is another one to try.


Gesso gives your painting board a grip.  I typically use two layers of liquitex gesso. Always start with this. 


You don't need expensive brushes but do get ones that are not too soft or shed.  I like these brushes that I found on amazon.

What to paint on?

You can honestly paint on anything! cardboard, canvas, wood, paper, metal..

A good place to purchase canvases is Michaels or Blick Art  or Jerry's Artarama.

If you decide to paint on paper use heavier watercolor paper. I like Stratmore brand. The nice thing about painting on paper is that it is more practical and easier to store away. I typically mat my paper paintings.


We don't get a chance to cover varnish in our workshops because they are just to short to cover everything. After your painting is totally dry (give it a couple of days), you can brush on varnish to preserve your painting. It will also make the colors pop and come to life! I use Liquitex Satin varnish. It also comes in gloss and mat.  Different artists use different varnish types.

Creative Ideas PDF

This should get you started.  Send me an email at info@ if you would like to receive a pdf that can inspire your creativity.