About Haleh


Often times we are too busy thinking about the future or the past that we forget to live in the present. As time passes all the ‘little things’ that we once ignored, become the things that we care about most. With my art I hope to remind the viewers to be fully present, appreciate and enjoy small things in life.

My paintings are filled with positive energy and help viewers to connect with a beautiful world, away from worries. My inspirations are nature, people interactions and kindness.  Nature grounds me and people interaction fuels my soul.

My style is contemporary, a bridge between abstract and impressionism.  I am an intuitive, expressive artist.
I live in Saratoga, California. I am happily married and have two wonderful sons, a cat and a dog. I enjoy spending time outdoors, gardening, hiking  and exploring the world. I have traveled to many countries and my list of places to visit is still long! I am an explorer at heart and you will notices it  in my distinctly different, imaginary art pieces.
Please join me on instagram or facebook  where I share my daily creations. Here is a short video of a local TV interview that gives more insight into my art world.  InterviewWithHaleh.