About Haleh


Haleh's art is uplifting, playful and expressive. She creates art to remind people of simple joys of life. Her style is contemporary, a bridge between abstract and impressionism. 

Haleh has lived in different parts of the world and moved to US at the age of fourteen in pursuit of higher education. Since she  became independent in an early age, art became a means for self expression and communication. Her exploration of art started at the age of thirteen when she painted her first oil painting with her Mom. She never stopped after that day! She is an intuitive artist.

Haleh shares, I start each painting with a feeling. I listen to that feeling deep inside and let colors and shapes tell the story.  I am inspired by my travel experiences, nature and kindness. I particularly enjoy painting dreamy villages and wild gardens. They take me to beautiful places in my imagination. When I am not painting I am either with my family, friends or spending time outdoors.

Haleh lives in Saratoga, California with her large family that she adores.

Haleh paints everyday and some of her paintings may not be available on the website immediately. Follow her on  facebook  or instagram to see her daily creations. Let her know if a piece interests you. 

Here is a short video of a local TV interview with Haleh:  InterviewWithHaleh.

A little bit about  my process See Youtube Video

Gallery Representations: 

JCO's Art Haus, Los Gatos, Summer 2021

Gallery House, Palo Alto, 2019-2020

337 Mirada Art Gallery, Half Moon Bay, 2016-Present

Online Worldwide Juried Exhibitions Accepted

  1. Jan. 2023, Online, Nature Exhibit, Flower Fields, 30x24", Healing Power of Art Juried show, https://www.healing-power-of-art.org/the-healing-power-of-art-inspired-by-nature-exhibition/
  2. April-June, 2022, Online, Healing Power Of Color exhibit, Summer Fun, Mixed media, 36x36" , Healing Power Of Art, juried show
  3. 2022, Online, Abstracted From Nature exhibit, Aritst Aliance, Nature's Positive Energy(20x16), Juried show
  4. 2021, Online, Small Works exhibit, Artist Alliance, Sea Garden, acrylic, watercolor, pencil on 8.5x5.5" heavy watercolor paper, Juried show