Prints & Cards

How to get prints of my art work?

My original paintings and photographs are also offered as prints at Fine Art America/ (same company)  that provides printing capability. FAA provides globally available, high quality printing services and has easy return in case you are not happy with the print.  Your vendor is FAA/pixels when purchasing accessories and prints.

To order prints you can click on the print link for the art piece that you like or go to the galleries on my FAA site: my site for art prints. FAA also provides prints on various goodies. 

How to order greeting cards of my art work?

Some of my art work is offered as greeting cards on Zazzle. They often have great deals for greeting or invitation cards. If you are interested in purchasing bulk cards of a specific art work that I have not uploaded, send me an email. I'd be happy to help. Your vendor is Zazzle when you purchase from that site. They also have a good return policy.

Link to my site for cards