Copy of Customer Testimonial

Here are a few of the testimonials that my kind customers have sent me. There are too many to post and I'm sorry if I missed posting yours. 

Gisele from Ogdensburg, NY 


"currently have 4 pieces of art from from you including a commission piece, which is very special to me and makes me smile every time I look at it. The commission process was simple and you understood exactly what I wanted to express in that piece. I chose your abstracts for my new home because the colors are very lovely and they resonate deeply with me. 

Every piece I have from you is beautiful and unique, and every time I look at one of them, something new catches my eye and I find myself stopping for a moment and enjoying it anew. I simply love your style, your use of color, and the joyful nature of your art."  _ Gisele
Didi from Walnut Creek, CA.
"At first glance, I fell in love with "Beauty in the Chaos." The vibrant colors, the movement and the hopefulness spoke to me, drew me in. I wake up to this lovely work every day and it sets the tone for my day. Thank you, Haleh, for sharing your talent and evocative creation!"  _  Didi 
" I choose to be happy is hanging in my office for inspiration along with my favorite hand blown glass." _Didi
Deb from Kahului, HI
"I Was very happy with delivery and packaging. Loved the piece and colors when I received it." _ Deb
Hedieh from Saratoga, CA.
      Floral Painting Greeting Card featuring the painting Pink Garden Fantansy by Haleh Mahbod   
"I love my cards -- Just the perfect combination of colors and pick me up! Very impressed by the quality of the card and the print, as well as the packaging!
I have several of Haleh's originals, but "You make me smile every time" Floral is one of my favorites! The vibrant colors and the textures and patterns bring energy to my room! I love it!" _ Hedieh
Elham from Los Altos, CA.
"Blue butterflies have enlivened the bedroom where the painting hangs and invites the viewer into a warm summer day... a reminder to take flight to nature".
"An abstract landscape that hints of busy streets, buildings and parks... however, it's the warm yellow and orange that glows through to assure that the sun rays shine on everything indiscriminately." _ Elham

Liz from Los Gatos, CA. (commission and online shopping)

" I love how she uses colors to capture the feeling of being in the rain." _ Liz
Rami from San Jose, CA.
" It is beautiful. I am going to get a nice frame for it  to hang it up in my study." _ Rami
Lilia from Lakeport, CA
Charming Garden Icon
"I received your beautiful art work, cards and maks. They are even more beautiful than what they looked on the web. Thank you!"  _ Lilia
Jessica and Steven from Cupertino, CA
 Water Lilies
"We love it. This is in our living room. Thank you!" _Jessica
Barbara from Campbell, CA
"I need something cheerful this year. I told my husband this is my birthday gift. I love it." _Barbara